Doctor Strange

Got to do another Doctor Strange! I know some people move on quickly from things, but thankfully not everybody. Doctor Strange has been on my favorites list since I was a kid. Yes, I knew who he was loooooong before the movie! (read the comics when they cam out). So, how do you like the house that Jack Kirby built?
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Shadow tripping?

    Years ago I created my first comic strip, Ozzie’s Shadow. In it, Ozzie was always getting into trouble for the mayhem his shadow caused. It was a decent concept, although there’s only so far you can go with that premise. But I wanted to pay homage to those early efforts, so here we have the shadow showing up in “CLAMCAKES” We’ll see if he sticks around.

coloring book cover

    Finished up the cover design for this coloring book that takes a unique look at Santa!

Santa’s been around for quite awhile, at least since the late 4th century. Well, one or other version of him. Whether he’s a sailor or a saint, historic or mythic, he’s been an influence on most of the world. Now you’ll be able to sing a song about him while coloring his trip through history!