more drawing lessons…

Baby Dragon chibibaby dragon mangaManga Dragon





Here are some Manga style dragons I did with my teen students. They enjoyed learning a bit about this very popular style!

Lugia2Lugia how to





and here we have Lugia, a legendary Pokémon, together with its’ ‘how to’ sheet.

DratinibubblesMike Wazowski





and finally, some character drawings for the students!

‘How to’ sheets

Tazmanian devilTazmanian Devil how to







Gengar how toGengar





I’ve been doing a fair number of these ‘How To’ sheets for my students. Part of my quest to get them to see the “shapes” of a character – any character! If you can learn to see these shapes, you can draw anything! And, yes, this applies to you adults out there, too!

Fantasy Drawing

Title: Fantasy Drawing
Location: Heartspot art center, East Providence
Link out: Click here
Description: Drawing class for teens and young adults
covering fantasy drawing of heroes, monsters, and mythological creatures!
Start Date: 3/28/18
Start Time: 6:30-8:30
End Date: 5/2/18