Summer Classes – winding down….

Final lessons from my structured summer classes. The students have been very engaged this year, compared to previous years. Love it! They were so compelled to listen, learn, and put in the work to finish their lessons – and have an art piece they could be proud of!!! And that makes me proud of them!

Disturbing to me though – how many of the older students looked at me, wide-eyed, when I mentioned basic one and two point perspective. They’re in the higher grades and have never heard of perspective?! I’m seeing a trend towards marginalizing art in school, and thinking of it as an “art’s and craft’s” kind of thing. Nothing wrong with art’s and craft’s, but these students should be learning at least basic foundational drawing skills!!!

Anyway, there’s my rant. Now, an example of the lesson from this final summer class…..the inks and color version. I had fun doing this one