Thought I’d share a bit of Halloween! This is an image from the Halloween coloring book I’m working on now. I know, bit late for this year, but I love doing Halloween work during Halloween season!

Old Cereal Box – Bernie

Still going through old files trying to re-organize. Here is an old cereal box design I did for a client to promote on his NYC radio show. This is from about 4 1/2 years ago, obviously during Bernie’s previous run. I say we bring back FUN cereal box art! (instead of the ads/propaganda                                                      they use today!

Clamcakes -the comic strip rides again!

Today (4/1/20) my comic strip, Clamcakes, re-launches! This strip is a zany and offbeat look at, well, everything. Join the Clamcakes and their friends while they struggle with everything from clipping your toe nails to calculating the orbital trajectory of “Planet X” (c’mon, ya know you’ve been dying to know). 

I’ll be posting a new strip once weekly, to start. I want to build these back up to once daily (including Sunday’s). So please share. And join the “Clamcakes” group page on Facebook!