latest coloring book…

Cartooning coloring bookhere are the cover and interior pages from my latest coloring book sample for students. I had a lot of fun with this one! I think I’ve wrapped up the coloring book lessons for this Summer. Perhaps I’ll do a full length, more involved version!

coloring book mark-up

SpeediosBat BitesGolden LassosZombie BitesKrypto BitsBizzarro PuffsKong PopsMonster FlakesCapn Crisp













Here is my mock up of a coloring book I did as a sample for my students at CCRI’s “Kids College.” Cover and 8 pages. It’s been a good opportunity to work on their cartooning/illustrative skills, while talking some nuts and bolts of publishing such a project. I will be continuing this throughout the rest of the Summer with my classes at other venues!


Humorous Cop stories

Burger BustDonut Diet





Working on illustrations for a humorous story book (rough sketches)¬†that shows some of the zany-ness that used to exist within the “Cop-Culture.” Thankfully, much of this is history, but it does highlight some of the craziness that police officers deal with – and sometimes create. And, of course, there are donuts!