Wanted to share with you this latest project that I did for a magazine cover design. The good people over at ‘The Bubblah’ needed a cover design for an upcoming issue, and I decided to indulge my love of backyard birds. I just love having those little dinosaurs flitting about!

do you sharpen those things?

I’ve had this same dream for years. Funny thing, it doesn’t seem to occur until there’s two of us in bed. And it only ever attacks me! Plus – if it’s just a dream, why does my side hurt?

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Quantum Theory

isn’t physics hard enough without involving the US mail?! This Sunday we learn that quantum theory gets even more complicated – you have to wait for it to come by snail mail!
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    The coloring book that I’ve been working on is complete and off to the publishers. They haven’t given me a release date yet, but it sounds like later this summer. In the meantime, i wanted to share the covers and an interior page. Hope you’re ready to color!