summer classes…

I’ve been teaching a lot of Manga and superhero/comics drawing this summer. Thought I’d share images of some of the drawings I did as lessons. These are 20 minute, in class demonstrations for the most part. Enjoy!

Shoujo teen – blue line
shoujo teen – ink

shounen perspective

Spidey – marker coloring

panel layouts
fantasy drawing

The Spidermen!

Spidermenfound myself contemplating who was the best Spiderman. Got to thinking, “why pick?” just have them all! Included here are: the Spidermen from 1) the Electric Co., Danny Seagren(’74), 2) the 70’s TV show, Nick Hammond (’78), 3) Japanese TV show, Noboru Nakaya (’79), 4) Tobey Maguire (’02), 5) Andrew Garfield (’10), 6) Broadway, Reeve Carney (’11), and 7) Tom Holland (’16).

There were a few others, notably a 1969 unauthorized production, and a couple of early stage runs which preceded the Broadway production. But hey! there’s only so much room on the paper, ya know!